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A History of UFOs By Hawkeye

Here you will be able to read history articles on UFOs written by 'Hawkeye'
** please note this page will be updated weekly so remember to check back **

KENNETH ARNOLD (Founder of the flying saucers)

Some people ask me where is the best place to start when researching UFOs. Well there are a few places you could start, 30,000 years ago, in southern France, where there are Palaeolithic cave paintings at Niaux, which show a disc shape in the sky with dotted lines behind it to show movement. Or even 15,000 years ago, In the Altamira caves; in northern Spain that show oval shapes in the sky. But for me I think the best place to start to research is the 24th June 1947 at Mount Rainier in Washington where a lone pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his modified Callair plane in the clear sky. Arnold had just finished his days work installing some equipment for the central Air service at Chehalis, He took off at 2 o’clock, He did not fly straight home that day but decided to fly around for a while to try and spot a crashed C-46 marine transport plane, One reason for doing this was a $5,000 reward for the discovery of the wreck, Whilst looking for the downed plane Arnold spotted a formation of nine objects in the sky. The idea that they was planes quickly left his head by the way they were flying, The only way he could describe this was that they was moving in the same way a saucer would if you skimmed it across water, The speed in which they were flying was way faster than any plane of that period. Arnold was able to calculate the speed at which they were travelling as they flew past Mount Rainer and Mount Adams. Using the two peaks as a point of reference he was able to calculate their speed to be around 13,000 – 17,000 miles per hour. After a short time the objects vanished so Arnold continued looking for the downed plane, with no luck in spotting the plane and his mind not on the job at hand he decided to fly into Yakima airport at 4pm. Once he landed he told the general manager of central aircraft what he had seen. By the time Arnold arrived at Pendleton, where he lived, his story had already leaked out and there was a large group of people waiting for him to hear his story from him, among them was the local FBI, in case what he saw was a secret Russian weapon. When the newspaper got hold of the story they used his phrase of how they flew and called them “flying saucers” even though the shape Arnold described in the sky as a boomerang shape. What’s more interesting in that just 8 days after this sighting on the 2nd July 1947 a UFO crashed in a place called New Mexico but that’s another story.

By Hawkeye

THE HILLS ABDUCTION (The First Reported Abduction)


My last Article was about the first official UFO sighting by Kenneth Arnold so I thought you should know about the first reported abduction.

            Although it could be said that the first case of alien abduction which is written in the second book of kings in chapter 2 the Prophet Elijah who lived around 900 BCE. Elijah crosses the River Jordon with his son Elisha; in verse 11, it came to pass, as they went on they talked, and behold there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into the heaven. This could be the first alien abduction but it is not the first recognized one.

            The first recognized one was on the night of 19 September 1961 41 year old Betty Hill and her husband 39 year old Barney, they were on their way home to Portsmouth New Hampshire, after a holiday in Southern Canada. At around 10pm they were near Colebrook, New Hampshire, They were on interstate Route 3, whilst going though the mountains they saw a strange big white light in the sky that was following them, They thought it was a plane on its way to Montreal, When they got near a place called Indian Head they stopped the car and Barney got out to look at the craft though his binoculars, it was then that he realised that they were being followed by a weird craft, it was banana shaped and he could see figures though large windows on the craft; The Hills though that be the way the craft was following them that it was after them so they so jumped in their car and sped off in panic. It was then that the Oz factor kicked in (This is where in UFO cases that you stop panicking and become relaxed) Suddenly there was a bump and the Hills realised that they was just 17 miles from Portsmouth and the UFO was nowhere to be seen, The Hills then drove home without further incident. The next day the Hills noticed that patches of their car paint work was stripped bare back to the metal. A few days later it was it was reported that Betty had been having very bad nightmares about being abducted so they couple seeked outside help. UFOlogists Walther Webb visited the Hills. During the interview Betty described her dreams of strange creatures with horrible faces and cat like eyes. Even though Betty had dreams of the abduction but neither her nor her husband had any memory of the half hour drive from Indian Head to where they turned up just 17 miles from Portesmouth. But more interesting is that when they got home that night they realised that 2 hours had gone by without them knowing. (This is now known as missing time.) By the following spring Betty’s dreams was getting so bad that they seeked medical help. Dr Benjamin Simon recommended regressional hypnosis (a common tool in investigating UFO abduction) One thing that came from this is that Betty remembered having a long needle put into her abdomen the alien told Betty that this was a form of pregnancy test and her husband Barney had had his semen removed. (This is now an all to often account from people who have been abducted by greys.) Boston journalist John Fuller wrote the Hills story up as The interrupted journey that was later made into the 1975 movie called The UFO incident

            By Hawkeye


When you say MIB most people think of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones but the real story of the men in black goes back a little further.

            Most people think that the real MIB’s made their first appearance in 1953 to talk to Mr Albert Bender, but they really made their first appearance in 1947 at the home of Harold Dahl just after the Maury Island Incident.

            For those of you who don’t know about the Maury Island Incident it happened in late June 1947 just after the Arnold sighting. Harold Dahl was out on his boat with his son and his dog looking for driftwood when he saw 6 UFO’s, which he photographed. The next morning a man arrived at Harold’s house dressed in a black suit and driving a new black Buick. The man invited Harold to breakfast, while they were at breakfast the man revealed details of the UFO sighting that Harold had never told anyone. The man then warned Harold that his family might be harmed if details of the sighting got out.

            In 1953 Alfred Bender who was the publisher of a UFO investigative team known as the International Flying Saucer Bureau. Came across Harold’s story and published it. Shortly after he got a visit from the MIB’s and soon afterward he closed down the team and never revealed to anyone why.


One question that is always asked when talking about M.I.B’s is are they human or alien. From all my research in UFO case’s it would seem that they are both.

            So far I have come across three different types of M.I.B’s all with different motives and they are as follows

            Type one

Humans who say that they are from the military or government which later turns out not to be true. This type will threaten witnesses not to say anything and to turn over any evidence of sightings to them.

            Type two

Alien 5ft tall white skin that wear old fashion suits which are always clean and pressed their lips look like they are wearing lipstick and they are hairless and wearing a bad looking wig. These types also appear and disappear with no expiation. These types just ask witness’s not to pursue their sightings.

            Type three

Human in appearance with oriental features, it has been widely reported that these types of M.I.B do a lot of surveillance on the people who have witnessed UFO’s etc.. and their houses. It has also been reported that they have in the past tried to run the witness’s down in their cars.

            But the men in black are not all bad there are many things in our history good things that have come from the M.I.B’s one example is that Thomas Jefferson the third president of the United States was supposedly visited by a M.I.B at his home in Virginia and one thing that came from this meeting is the mysterious M.I.B gave Jefferson the idea for the seal of the United States.