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Gemma Morgan-Researcher for uk-ufo

Here you will be able to read Gemmas' notes on UFOs.




First name(s)-GEMMA









I have spent the past 2 years extensively researching conspiracy theories, UFO’s, and related subjects. It has only been the past year that I have mainly directed my attention to ufology. I have found myself drawn into a subject which holds many secrets and misinformation along the way.
My aims are to put all of my research into publications, which will study all aspects of ufology, extending into midlands based UFO activity, UK UFO activity, abduction and the phenomenon surrounding it, the psychology of individual cases, the sociological effect it has on the individual and the media interpretation. I would eventually like to construct a large profile of individual cases which will also be subject to tests constructed to focus on the mental assumption people make when exposed to UFO activity.

My future research will be focused around back-engineered craft, the links between UFO activity and MOD bases which hold nuclear weapons and military space/earth based weapons which have been captured attempting to shoot down UFO’s within earths orbit. I will also be looking into N.A.S.A and their firm misinformation projects concerning the face on mars, E.T moon activity and the many UFO sightings reported by astronauts of all nations.




From my research so far I am in the understanding that through highly covert operations practiced by the military and underground government organizations there is a tight lock on the door of exposure to existence of E.B.E’s and reverse-engineered technology taken from crashed or deliberately shot down craft of extraterrestrial origin.

Dr Steven Greer’s work of CSETI studied by myself-

From my research I understand that the main notion surrounding governmental knowledge on the subject of E.T’s in his opinion is that government members old and new* are within the knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials and back-engineered technology but are kept out of the ‘loop‘so to speak on all of the details. He states that through his own persuasions and contact,   some top military officials are willing to help expose the truth and speak out about their personal experiences with E.B.E’s and back-engineered technology.

*note-Margaret Thatcher when asked by Georgina Bruni if she knew of an extraterrestrial presence stated “you must get your facts right…you must have the facts and you can’t tell the people”

From researching David Icke’s work on the reptilian agenda-

His theory on the subject is that the government as we know it are in fact in the ‘loop’ and are actually part of an EBE conspiracy. This is where my other frame of mind steps in, why if this is the case are there many official witnesses who are in the ‘loop’ of an EBE presence willing to speak out on the matter? Is it all sadly another trail of misinformation? Why do some researchers ignore races such as the reptilian? Is it because they are not aware of races that are covertly running the world, or is it because they don’t want to associate themselves with highly controversial work. For anyone who is not familiar with David’s work, I personally suggest investigation.

In today’s mindset whether it be social or a government one are people still being threatened to keep quiet over the subject, or is it like I’ve summised so many times before that the entirety of this subject is so complex and extraordinary that it is its own cover-up. I’m not sure that if today in 2006 there actually was a global release of information over the presence of E.B.E’s on a mainstream level that people would actually believe it. Is this because the darker forces acting on this planet have successfully infrultrated society into a black and white world where everything is as it seems after all people if E.B.E’s where here then wouldn’t there be thousands of UFO’s shooting through the skies everyday and night?!

Has the war in
Iraq been used as a huge distraction, as the press have been allowed high access in covering the stories especially in the U.S. Maybe the government knew of an up and coming flap of UFO activity and needed their excuses ready. Or maybe they just needed to test their “new aircraft” on a more global scale.

In summary-Can our governments be trusted? With the exhaustive work of people such as Alex Jones and David Icke exposing Bohemian Grove, do and can we trust a government that partakes in a mock (?) satanic ritual every summer out in the woods where a human is burned in effigy? If it is all just fat cats play then what is the significance? Why does this link between the darker side of the occult and EBE UFO activity keep cropping up? If as suggested by Dr Steven Greer Alien abductions are just a fabricated scenario created by an industrial/military complex , then what is the significance on the information contained within Dan Sherman’s book ’Above Black’? Is it then that this whole subject is and has spiraled so far out of control with theory after theory pouring out of bookstores and off websites year after year that the real truth of an EBE presence is kept so well locked up, hidden, moved, denied and even confirmed that it may only be known by say 10 people world wide.

Is there a mass conspiracy in the world of ufology where certain authors are let’s say directed to publish certain things? Like the all too common ‘fear of god’ abduction stories that are more likely to become best sellers.



By Gemma "SKYSHOCK" Morgan