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Sightings From Around The World (Non UK)




Report 1

i live in southern California of united states and born there in county of orange county year 1951. i have some college major chemistry and self educated in physics and astronomy 

studying for fifteen years in sciences. first observation of UFO in 1990.

    Are UFOs’ real ,yes! does anybody know what all of them are? No! does the governments of the world know most of everything going on in our skies? yes!. Are their hoaxes yes . Is there a good chance some are advanced flight? Yes! Is some of the reports about UFO’S from space aliens true? The chances are low there is lot of UFOs’ from outer space, butt the odds of there being one to several are high. Could they take over or pose possible danger its small for several reasons, traveling far requires lot of energy less likely to carry weapons or cope with our own environment. Could they be here with out anybody knowing it? Yes!. If you was a UFO from earth or space what would you do to go unnoticed build ship to look like one of our own here as f-18 jet or look like a cloud with energy absorbing outer shell.

Why would they or any space alien capture humans or certain ones? Lot of us have different genes that are turned on more than others ,another words the genes lay dormant in some, others are functioning and many humans have different chemicals, diseases and germs that may be interesting to them , so they could learn how to deal with or cope with everything on earth. There is so many ways butt if they were here with remote controlled ships they may be limited and need certain people or opportunities. With some hoaxes gong it can turn people off of paying attention to the sky and remote areas.

How could these aliens talk or travel, many ways unknown or discovered yet. One of the ways would during the collisions of galaxies mass become entangled and as billion years go by the galaxies are separated by thousands of light years , but as the technology here has been proven changing matter that has been entangled will change the mass no matter how far away it is. So if a smart enough beings or humanoids detected were this mass is could set up shop and travel to our galaxy and find the mass tangled with there galaxy and do instance talk or communication that would take light thousand s of light years to travel.

All they then need is a way to travel areas on galaxy faster than light. There is a way better than worm holes bending space itself. It deals with dark matter or mass and finding it also deals with gravity. Removing or arranging this so mass or ship can travel faster in space with no dark matter or any energy to slow the ship down. After knowing this its become easier to imagine the truth of space aliens here, butt how and how much is the big question. Reading and waiting for the real truth to come out is most important. People on earth must remain open and ready to work and get ourselves use to space aliens with out panicking even if its happens in hundred of years or tomorrow or yesterday. Were all in this together lets keep open for the truth to come.

On 04/15/2005 I was using my telescope simple 4 inch refractor looking at the moon around 9:00 p.m. , when a black dot appeared the size was about 128th of inch. This dot could have been bird, plane, a satellite commercial plane military jet or experimental plane or UFO from another solar system. After seeing the dot move across the full moon taking about eight seconds to cross it there appeared three more in formation birds or military planes fly in order to use air efficiently as these three moved across one more appeared about three seconds after the three appeared. The first did a low dive meaning it was moving up in a high movement since the telescope reverses images the dive was a climb upwards. Unless the physics changes as the group moved butt the rest didn't move upwards as much. Also at the time I didn't see any reflection or lights though they were to small to do much of that butt still our eyes are capable of seeing one photon at a time. And it was dark out for me and the sun could of still been shining on the planes unless they were energy absorbing material. Could they have been satellites, slight possibility they were close and need expert to know were all satellites are. How do satellites travel in groups different speeds do they group up and appear to be together at times. All I know for sure is the some of the possibilities that UFO or space alien UFO would do. Such as if space aliens were here and traveling around they would make a base and build a ship out of our material and knowledge they would make it appear the UFO from another galaxy would be just one made and built here. If space aliens built a ship out of our earth material and knowledge and if it crashed then less chance any one or investigators would figure out that space aliens built the ship especially if they took out what little of material made on another planet and leaving only material normally found on earth and known building materials.

In California (USA) we have deserts of hundreds of miles long with little or no people, for last hundred years there been lots of open space were they UFO,S hide and maneuver its getting more and more populated now and any UFO may be leaving or hiding better. In area 51 there could be some space ships of new shapes and abilities, butt one time could of held space alien UFO, lot of stories coming out about area 51 butt I believe there’s only experimental planes there. I had one experience once 1990 while driving at 1:00 a.m. mourning something unusual and strange happened to me and ill talk about it later next report even though some can be explained not all can be and the hunt for UFO from some other time or outer space must go on.

Thrust Wilkens


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